Raising a Red Flag - An Analysis of The One Project.
by Jan Voerman.
Religious, political, and social movements are not new to society. It seems to be part of our human nature to seek 
a "better way" of doing things. However, when it comes to the church, do we tread on dangerous ground 
when we seek new and better ways of doing things by incorporating ideas from other religions and movements instead
of building directly upon the principles of the Bible? 
The book Raising a Red Flag examines two movements that share the same name - The One Project - and the same 
concept of transformation. One is a movement outside the church that promotes shared global values and New Age
concepts; the other is run by the church and promotes focusing solely on Jesus. By studying and comparing these two
movements the author hopes to stimulate discussion and cause us to analyze the messages that fight for our attention 
and call us to change our thinking.
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