In de tempel van het volk IsraĆ«l stond in de eerste afdeling, Het Heilige, een gouden lamp die de tempel verlichtte. Het was een symbool van Christus die het Licht der wereld is. Zo wordt ook van ons gevraagd, als navolgers van Christus, dat wij een licht zullen zijn in deze wereld. De artikelen, aangeboden boekjes en verdere informatie op deze site zijn bedoeld als een bijdrage om het licht der waarheid te verspreiden. Mag deze site voor velen tot zegen zijn.

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Raising a Red Flag - An Analysis of The One Project.
by Jan Voerman.
Religious, political, and social movements are not new to society. It seems to be part of our human nature to seek 
a "better way" of doing things. However, when it comes to the church, do we tread on dangerous ground 
when we seek new and better ways of doing things by incorporating ideas from other religions and movements instead
of building directly upon the principles of the Bible? 
The book Raising a Red Flag examines two movements that share the same name - The One Project - and the same 
concept of transformation. One is a movement outside the church that promotes shared global values and New Age
concepts; the other is run by the church and promotes focusing solely on Jesus. By studying and comparing these two
movements the author hopes to stimulate discussion and cause us to analyze the messages that fight for our attention 
and call us to change our thinking.
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The Hidden Agenda, A Look Beyond the Emerging Church

Did you ever wonder what is going on in the churches? Where are we heading to? 
We are urged to leave the old paths behind. Traditional methods and insights are outdated.
We are confronted with new forms of worship: popular music styles, contemplative spirituality,
seeker friendly messages, and new truths and insights. Church growth leaders aim at mega churches.
A new way of thinking is propagated and everybody should toe the line.
Is the current revival a blessing or is it a counterfeit movement?
Read how a destructive tsunami of signs and wonders rolls across the world claiming millions of unsuspecting victims.
The Hidden Agenda not only sounds a clear warning but shows the way out.

Ellen White & the Trinity

Did Ellen White change her concept of the Godhead or her understanding of Christ's nature during her ministry as some have suggested?
This important question is faithfully addressed by interpreting Ellen White's statements on the subject of the Godhead in their chronological 
and literary context. 
Those who assume that Ellen White taught different views of Christ's nature over the years will find this book very insightful.
Written for the scholar and non-scholar alike, the consistency of Ellen White's statements on the Trinity are confirmed while God's guidance is
affirmed in equipping the church for its mission of sharing the good news of His love with the world. 
Ellen White & the Trinity provides clear insight in a subject of great fundamental importance.     

The Ordination of Women, The Priesthood of all Believers and other Aspects   

In order to understand complex things, we must go back to the beginning and learn the basics. 
The same principle can be applied to our understanding of biblical truths. 
When looking at the complex issue of women's ordination, it is important to examine the beginning of God's Word. 
The analysis of the Genesis account of Creation and the fall of Adam and Eve more than strengthens an unpopular argument 
for the restoration of the traditional roles of men and women in society and in the church.
In addition to the study of the Old and New Testaments in regards to this topic, The Ordination of Women: The Priesthood of all Believers
and Other Aspects, draws from the writings of the early church fathers and Ellen G. White. 
The book presents a surprisingly refreshing outlook on a complex subject that encourages readers to return to the biblical roots. 


Secret Messages in the Church     
What kind of music are you listening to and playing in your church? 
Are there hidden messages in today's modern music? 
These questions are answered while the reader is taken on a study that reveals the dangerous effects that modern-day music
can have on listeners and the church. Through both biblical and scientific sources, the real-life dangers that Christians face 
are presented when they choose to listen to secular music. 
Covering everything from rock music to Contemporary Christian music, Secret Messages in the Church explains that the desire of the church 
to be up-to-date in the modern world, has led it to accept music genres that glorify Satan, instead of God.